Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lum-Lum Begins

Beginning sometime in my twenties, blogging was added to the obligatory list of New Year’s resolutions. I lumped it in with the other cliché list items like stop being fat, attain spiritual enlightenment, acquire a professionally fulfilling job, travel someplace exotic, volunteer at a soup kitchen, and moonlight as a baddie-punching vigilante. Like anyone who takes the time to come up with resolutions, my hope was that I could translate my wildest dreams into goals. I’d then look at the upcoming year as tabula rasa and fill it with achievements in the grandest spirit of carpe diem. My life would irrevocably change for the better and I would prevent a life filled with regret.

Year after year, without fail, my most ambitious resolutions dissipated into the far recesses of my memory. Most would stay gone, but at the end of an unfulfilled year some would return, blazing anew like a phoenix just in time for a new year. Although my desire to begin a career in crime fighting is in the “stay gone” category, the one that always catches fire in my mind again is to start blogging.

It’s nearing the end of February and - once again - creating a blog is in danger of becoming a resolution for next year. When I was younger, in my prime, and thinking I’d live forever, pushing that desire away wasn’t a big deal.


My thirty-first birthday is approaching and willful ignorance of the fact that my time on this planet is finite is no longer tenable. There’s an unpleasantly new, festering fear nipping at my fading youth that I’m descending into an intractable pile of meh and blah. In the distance, I can see and feel the Winter of my life trudging towards me and with it, a disembodied voice prophesying an undistinguished life.


Faced with the prospect of ending up with a life filled with teh suck, I am finally snapping into action before it’s too late. While there are other things I need to address in terms of life-improvement, today I will finally begin blogging and mend my fracturing ambition.

With that said...

Welcome to Lum-Lum’s Babblebox!

As long as I can remember, I’ve felt a curiosity towards the world that’s engendered in me a vast repertoire of interests.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  Depending on the social setting, I can assume a variety of identities like news junkie, movie freak, television addict, music snob, foodie, videogame geek, sports fanatic, bookworm, culture critic, technophile and, most recently, shutterbug (with an aspiration to go pro!) With each identity, I’ve engaged in deep conversations, vigorous debates and earth-shaking scream-fests about a number of things I’m passionate about.

Thanks to the Interwebz, I’m presented with the opportunity to broadcast all the stuff in my brain for mass consumption. After all the stuff I said in the beginning of this post, it’s time to step my game up and test whether I’m as interesting as I think I am.  While I’ll still argue with friends, family and random Starbucks patrons about stuff in Clark Kent mode, for the blogosphere I’m going to forge all my aforementioned identities into the mask of Lum-Lum, pop culture scholar. Through Lum-Lum, I’ll hopefully be able to write a blog without any kind filter, not give a shit about the current state of my writing ability and write a fun, entertaining, totally super awesome blog.

And, oh yeah, most importantly, finally cross off something from a list.